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Hamsa Art around the World


First we start in Morocco



Samsara Imports and Salmira: India~USA~Nicaragua


With stores in USA, Central America and in Ecuador, the brand is quickly becoming the “must” trendy spot for Home Décor, Fashion, and Jewelry needs for India’s culture embracers.

Founded by Lissette Atassi, a designer and entrepreneur with vast knowledge of the regions, indigenous people, their customs, architectures, ideals, and history, Samsara Imports translate her passion for the design of textiles and home furnishings into a company which continues to grow year after year.


Dedicated to bringing the richness and diversity of Asian and Indian handcrafted products, colorful textiles, and accessories to its vast clientele, Samsara Imports’ services and products give the clients the opportunity to savor experiences enjoyed by Lissette Atassi on her fateful trips through India’s treasures. The company’s garments and decor product have embellished from TV networks’ sets such as Univision show “Nuestra Belleza Latina” to renowned stars and private businesses events alike.

With a fully staffed regional branch in Delhi, Samsara Imports constantly monitors the quality control of every product manufactured by its factories across the country, as well as its timely shipments, in order to meet its clientele demand in the USA, European, Latin American, and Caribbean markets.

Samsara teams up with Cosmopolitan.

A brand of its own, Samsara Imports continues to reach new heights. Samsara Imports is extremely proud to have had the opportunity to dress the 24 contestants of this great beauty event and is thankful to Giselle Blondet, Osmel Sousa, Julian Gil, Lupita Jones, David Chacon, and the entire crew of Univision for having setup this wonderful background with decoration provided by Samsara Import as well.

the stones



the wonder began, with the first lesson in the history of architecture

culminating in this walk – into the circle, at sunset – just past the equinox

sometime between 4 and 5 thousand years ago, how did they come to be..

standing in waves of wind and rain, holding the heat of the sun, reflecting moonlight, for millennia

what has happened, here — spiritual ritual, time-marking, sacrifice, burial..

more wonder

the stones are us, we are them – shaped by our hands, placed by our force

they breathe, and watch the stars, clouds and moon arc across the sky

what source

the power of our being

and theirs, these living stones

a mystery

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