Kabbalah and Hamsa


The connection between Kabbalah and the Hamsa is evident from some of the artistic variations over hundreds of years. Because the Hamsa or Hamsa Hand protects against the Evil Eye, the designs merged in some decor and artwork another design called the Eye in Hand motif. The Eye in those pieces is clearly visible and one can see a realistic eye that appears in the center of the palm of the hand.

The color red is also thought traditionally to protect from the Evil Eye. Many mothers and grandmothers tie red ribbons and strings to children’s underwear and bedding to prevent the evil look. The color Red is significant within Jewish history because it was one of the items necessary for the building of the original Temple. Red thread and dye were used to make fabric and the Red thread came from a unique worm. According to biblical experts it was no accident that a simple and lowly form of life was needed to build the most important religious structures in Jewish history. The Red string or thread is meant to remind the wearer that in the grand scheme of things in life he is as lowly as the worm. It is a reminder that humility is the best form of defence and protection against the Evil Eye.

One of the most popular Kabbalah themes is the Red Kabbalah String, worn by many (including Madonna, Britney Spears and other celebrities) to ward off the Evil Eye. The idea of protection from the “Evil Eye” or ill intention is what makes the Hamsa Hand and the Kabbalah similar in purpose and the reason why over time many artists have combined the theme. Today more then ever there are examples of magical protection Hamsa jewelry meant to protect the wearer from the envious or evil eye.

Kabbalah and Hamsa themes can be seen in the pictures on this page. In the first picture there is a leather Hamsa bracelet with the Hamsa Hand clasp. In the center of the Hamsa, the symbol of the eye. The second picture shows a variation of the Kabbalah Red String bracelet with a small Hamsa charm attached.



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  1. I practice Kabbalah and you are right, it does tie into Hamsa very much. All my jewelery has Hamsas on it. It keeps me protected and brings me luck. Thanks for another great post!

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