The Power of Prayer


Prayers can help a person cope with medical illness, depression, addiction, emotional pain, despair, and pain.


Through prayers, people seek help from a higher being who’s greater than our own fears, pain, and helplessness. And with these, we free our mind and body of anxiety and fear. By allowing the mind and body to relax, it helps bring positive energy and create some balance in our system, which helps the patient respond to treatment better.

With renewed hope, patients tend to be more optimistic and such a behavior gravely affects their condition and will to survive. Some say that this is simply a placebo effect, in which symptoms are alleviated not because of an effective treatment, but simply because the patient believes that it will.


Whatever the case, those who believe in the healing powers of prayer gain more strength, become more hopeful, at ease, and feels some of sort of vibrant energy flowing through their bodies, prompting their will to survive.

Prayers do not only heal the mind, soul, and body, but can also help reinforce relationships during the most trying tines.


The healing power of prayers can be best combined with any medical treatment or forms of alternative medicine.


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  1. This is very true. I believe strongly in the power of prayer. Thank you for bringing up this topic, I hope it helps others to remember to have faith.

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